BLUEBOX is a fully equipped photo production studio. It is a 120sqm/6m high open space, without columns, allowing the photographer to set and light with ease. A large 3x3m garage door permits the trouble free loading of sets and equipment.

Our team offers a solid and comprehensive support system for photo shoots, able to construct any set required for your production.

In BLUEBOX we create an environment that allows everyone to excel!


  • Profoto 7a 2400

  • Profoto 7a 1200

  • Pro heads

  • Ring flash

  • HMI, Tungsten and LED lighting upon request

  • Giant 7’ foot umbrella

  • Various silver white and transparent umbrellas

  • Various sized softboxes

  • Standard Magnum and Tele zoom reflectors

  • Beauty dish white

  • Wind up, C –Stands complete w/ arms, Lightweight stands and various grip accessories

  • Paper backdrop support

  • Wind machine